JA Day at St. Matthew’s Catholic School

JA Day volunteers

Junior Achievement of North Florida held JA Day at St. Matthew’s Catholic School January 31, 2013. Volunteers from All Real Estate Options Inc., CSX, Delta, FSCJ, Kilwins, PayMatters, Prudential, State Farm Insurance, TD Bank, and University of North Florida taught JA lessons to students in grades K-8.

Volunteers arrived early at 7:30 a.m. for training and breakfast. After reviewing lesson plans and receiving a warm welcome from Principal Kathy Tuerk, volunteers dispersed to classrooms and used their knowledge and career experience to bring JA lessons to life.

A variety of classroom settings accompanied this JA Day. Several volunteers taught JA Girl$ groups, some had boys-only classes, and other volunteers taught traditional classes with boys and girls.

Dana Stallings, Kilwins, looked forward to teaching her JA Girl$ group how to start a business and manage costs:

“Being an entrepreneur, I have two businesses. It’s important for girls to understand what opportunities they have. I’ll be teaching 3rd grade, a great time for it to be introduced.”

Principal Tuerk was already familiar with JA programs and took the opportunity to bring them to St. Matthew’s, stating “I though it would be a wonderful experience to expose the children to financial literacy lessons.”

About JA Days

During JA in a Day, the JA school program is accelerated to be covered in the course of one day during the school week. At the end of the school day, the students will have completed all five JA lessons and will have earned their JA certificate. Normally, this process would take five weeks to complete.

JA in a Day is a special Junior Achievement delivery method that facilitates the partnership between a business and a school. Like all JA programs, business volunteers help educate and inspire youth about the connection between education and success in the workplace, and give them hope for the future.

To learn more about volunteering with Junior Achievement, please visit jajax.com.


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