JA of North Florida Receives $5,000 State Farm grant

state farm logoJunior Achievement of North Florida is receiving $5,000 State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant to support high school workforce preparation on Jacksonville’s Westside.

During the 2012-2013 school year Junior Achievement will prepare 25 Lee High School students for the workforce using it workforce preparation programs and other resources, place them in elementary schools to teach Junior Achievement programs, and monitor and evaluate their work experience. Teaching JA programs will provide high school students with public speaking, teaching, and public service experience.

Participants will be exposed to resume writing, job interviews, the responsibilities of work, and evaluation. Additionally, high school students will have a deeper grasp of financial concepts because they have to teach them as their “job.”

The grant funding will provide the training and include resources like transportation and lunch, as well as $150 stipends for the students who teach all five Junior Achievement classes.

These high school students will bring lessons in financial literacy, practical economics, and workforce preparation to youth in Jacksonville. The younger students who are taught will not only be exposed to JA’s professionally prepared programs, but to positive role models from schools in which they will soon be enrolled.


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