JA Girl$ encourages young women at entrepreneurship conference

It's Her Business

Positive energy filled the room as the 8th Annual Teen Entrepreneurship Conference “It’s HER Business” got underway at the UNF University Center on March 15. Junior Achievement’s JA Girl$, along with community partners including The Small Business Development Center at UNF and Duval County Public Schools held this one-day conference to encourage financial literacy and entrepreneurship among high school girls ages 15-18.

Thirty-four women business owners helped facilitate the conference and served as mentors. Girls had the chance to interview these successful women to learn everything it takes to start a business.

They learned concepts such as how to budget, how a business runs, and how to write a business plan.

Amari Mondy, an 11th grader, wants to have her own clothing boutique someday and said she enjoyed “getting tips and background knowledge from the ladies and learning what they went through.”

Balance Break Even or Broke

“It gives them a real insight into the business world,” stated Betzy Santiago, Special Assistant to the Mayor. “They can see the opportunities available to them and other avenues to consider.”

The girls collaborated through hands-on activities such as Junior Achievement’s hands-on exercise Balance, Break Even or Broke,in which they learned the impact of daily choices in determining their financial futures.

Conference mentor Annie Grogan, President of The H.I.L.L. of Northeast Florida, had high praise for the girls participating: “It’s evident they all have a good head on their shoulders. They have the potential to really do something.”

Junior Achievement’s JA Girl$ initiative aims to prepare young women for economic success by teaching lessons in financial literacy, workforce preparation and entrepreneurship.

To learn more about JA Girl$, please contact Elizabeth Paulson, Program Director, at Elizabeth@jajax.com.

For more information about It’s HER Business visit Facebook.com/ItsHerBusiness.

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