Citi Women’s Network Inspire Girls at Waverly Academy

Students at Waverly Academy.

Waverly Academy students.

Throughout February and March the Citi Women’s Network team taught JA programs to 6th and 7th grade girls at Waverly Academy. These lessons are part of Junior Achievement’s JA Girl$ initiative, a program that aims to prepare girls for their financial futures.

The Citi women volunteers taught one hour lessons each week for 6 weeks, covering topics in business and economics.

Patricia Hutchins, RCSA Tester, liked the idea of teaching business concepts specifically to girls and taught JA It’s My Business! to 7th grade girls. She says the girls especially enjoyed when they had to create and present their own business plans.

Cali, 7th grade, liked learning about the different types of businesses. “It gave me an idea so that if I want my own business when I grow up, I would know what to do to attract customers, like having good advertising,” she explained.

Coleen Logan, Citi, taught at JA Girl$ group at Waverly Academy.

Coleen Logan, Citi, taught a JA Girl$ group at Waverly Academy.

“We have a large presence in the surrounding community,” Hutchins exclaimed. “It’s important to share the knowledge we have with students through a business-oriented program like Junior Achievement…these are the kids who will be the future of our business community.”

Down the hall Coleen Logan, Senior Vice President, Control Director, taught JA Economics for Success that introduced a class of 6th graders to personal finance.

A’Laylyia, 6th grade, recalled “We learned how to keep a balance, learned how to bank and manage our money.”

Logan said of her volunteer experience: “Making a difference in the life of a girl – is phenomenal. When you know that the majority of single family homes are headed by mothers—while I am a single mom myself—really makes you value the education girls will need to manage their life and finances.”

Girls learned about managing risk as part of "JA Economics For Success."

Girls learned about managing risk as part of “JA Economics For Success.”

She remarked that it is rewarding “knowing that the girls use the lessons taught to them in their daily life—from managing their babysitting money to learning about healthcare insurance from their parents.”

Citi Women’s Network has partnered to teach JA Girl$ at Waverly Academy since the school’s inception in 2011 and plays an important role in the development of the young women they reach.

JA Girl$ strives to prepare young women for financial success by teaching lessons in economic literacy, workforce preparation and entrepreneurship that will enable them to reach their full potential.

For more information about volunteering with JA Girl$, please contact Program Director Elizabeth Paulson at 398-9944 ext.224 or email


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