JA Girl$ joins PACE Center for Girls for Executive Internship Class


September 3 marks the start of JA Girl$’ Executive Internship Class at PACE Center for Girls. In its first year, this program will help girls at PACE become ready and confident to succeed in the workplace and manage their finances. Fifty-five high school girls are set to take part.

Girls at PACE are between twelve and seventeen years old and have lived through issues such as abuse, trauma and neglect.

The fall semester will consist of two parts: JA Career Success and JA Personal Finance. Women from all walks of life have signed up to volunteer for this fourteen week program to lead once a week, forty-five minute sessions.

One volunteer, Jonda Lowe, is a Retirement Specialist with over twenty-six years of experience in the financial services industry. “I am excited about teaching these girls because they have their whole lives ahead of them,” Jonda said. “If I can make an impression on them at this age they will have a better chance of making good choices for themselves and their families later.”

Jill Auld, Transition Services Manager at PACE, is excited about the upcoming program:

“They will be learning invaluable skills that will give them an advantage when they transition to college and the workforce.”

The JA Girl$ program is beneficial to PACE girls because “they are being taught skills that so many adults have had to learn by trial and error, such as appropriate interview skills, communication and conflict management skills for the workplace, budgeting, and how to maintain good credit,” Jill explained.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we take a closer look once the program begins. We’ll go inside the classroom and get a glimpse of how rewarding it is to make a difference in the life of a girl!

Help Junior Achievement reach more girls like those at PACE. Registration is still open for Smart Women Make Change, our annual event to benefit JA Girl$. Purchase your ticket today at www.SmartWomenMakeChange.com.


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