JA Girl$ Volunteer Spotlight: Gail Lewis

Director of Consumer Lending, 121 Financial Credit Union

Gail channel4

Gail Lewis on Channel 4 News advocating the importance of financial education for youth.

Gail Lewis was already very familiar with Junior Achievement, but she learned of JA Girl$ at the first ever Smart Women Make Change event in 2009.

After seeing firsthand what the program does for girls she was inspired. “I was so impressed with what Elizabeth Paulson and the team did…I could hardly wait to complete the form to become a volunteer.”

Gail is the Director of Consumer Lending at 121 Financial Credit Union, a company she’s been with for thirty years. “I believed I had something to offer and I could contribute to what the organization was doing with these girls,” Gail said of her urge to get involved. “…sitting there at that event was one of those times I knew I had to act on what I was feeling and give back.”

She has taught JA Girl$ after-school and summer camp programs at the YMCA. Gail believes that through imparting financial knowledge on young minds, the volunteer gets more than they give.

Through 121 Financial Credit Union she is an advocate for saving money among teens and has appeared on local TV spots with her message. Last fall JA Girl$’ Elizabeth Paulson accompanied Gail on Channel 4 News to discuss the importance of money management for youth.

Do you have a passion to help young people like Gail? Junior Achievement is always looking for volunteers. Visit www.jajax.com or call 904-398-9944 to get more information on how YOU can get involved!

The JA Girl$ Signature Event ‘Smart Women Make Change’ is coming Sept. 26. This luncheon features keynote speaker Christina Norman, past CEO of Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network and former president of MTV and VH1. Purchase your ticket today! www.SmartWomanMakeChange.com.


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