New JA app helps young people “Build Their Futures”

Build Your Future app button PwC US and Junior Achievement USA have joined to launch JA Build Your Future, an app designed to assist with financial planning as teens look towards post-secondary education and explore their desired careers.

JA Build Your Future allows teens to discover more than 100 careers, then find out the education level requirement, whether the demand for that job is growing and learn about potential income for their selected job.


Next, education specifics such as what degree to pursue, attend school in-state or out-of-state, and whether to live on-campus or not determine an estimated cost.


Once the cost of education is estimated, payment options are the final step. Teens can adjust the level of money they and their parents may contribute, combined with student loans they may need to secure.

At the end of the exercise teens are given a Return on Investment score between 1 and 5. A score of 1 suggests it will be difficult to pay off the debt accrued based on future income; 5 indicates they should have no problem paying off debt with estimated future income.


JA Build Your Future was developed using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, College Board and PwC’s Earn Your Future financial literacy curriculum and drew upon JA’s nearly 100 years of experience in developing educational experiences in work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

The app is available for free to download on mobile phones and tablets from Apple App and Google Play stores.

For more info, visit


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