Thanks for the Support, Vistakon!


Vistakon employees committed one day to teach Junior Achievement at Greenfield Elementary on Nov. 8 as part of “JA in a Day.”

“JA in a Day” facilitates the partnership between a business and a school. During JA in a Day, the JA program is accelerated to be covered in the course of one day during the school week. At the end of the day, the students will have completed all five JA lessons, a process that normally takes five weeks to complete.

More than 30 volunteers were present, one for each classroom at the school. When asked why she wanted to be a part of this day, Alicia Mobley, Distributing Operator, replied, “To give back to the community, represent our company and let them know we’re here.” Alicia was preparing to teach the “JA Ourselves” program to a kindergarten class.

“We’re excited to have the children experience good role models out in the business world,” said school counselor Leslie Luck. “Some children don’t have that exposure to positive role models. To spend a day learning about business and economics is beneficial and they’re responded well to it in the past.”

Alicia Mobley, Distributing Operator, reads a story to kindergartners about working hard to earn your reward.

Alicia Mobley reads a story to kindergartners about the importance of hard work to achieve goals.

If you would like to volunteer for Junior Achievement please call 904-398-9944 or visit for more info.


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