JA Teams Up with Microsoft


“Mi-cro-soft! Mi-cro-soft!” filled the gymnasium at Southside Middle School on Nov. 8 as cheerleaders welcomed the Microsoft Retail Store Team to a crowd of students. Microsoft partnered with Junior Achievement for a volunteer day in celebration of the Nov. 22 grand opening of the Microsoft Retail Store at St. Johns Town Center.

The day kicked off with a pep rally. Approximately 40 Microsoft employees decked out in bright yellow “Volunteer” shirts pumped up the students with a presentation showing what’s hot right now with Microsoft, including their own renditions of Top 40 songs that had students cheering along.

The pep rally was held twice between 11 AM and 1 PM so that all students could participate.

Microsoft volunteers rode this wave of excitement into the classrooms, JA Kits in hand. Each volunteer committed the rest of the school day to teach “JA Economics for Success” to 7th and 8th grade students.

“Microsoft is big on educational enhancement,” said Simeon Hill, Store Manager at Microsoft Retail Store at St. Johns Town Center. “To have the opportunity to work with Junior Achievement and Duval County Public Schools allows us to introduce our team into the lives of students to better their success and achievements within the classroom, supporting their future.”

It is through involvement with organizations such as Microsoft that Junior Achievement of North Florida is able to impact young people and inspire them to reach their potential.

“Junior Achievement is very proud of our partnership with Microsoft,” said Rita Story,
JA Southside Program Director. “The volunteers were knowledgeable and
enthusiastic as they encouraged students to embrace technology, education and
economics to improve their future.”








More pictures on our Facebook page!

Interested in volunteering for Junior Achievement? Visit www.jajax.com or call 904-398-9944 for more information.


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