JA Presents Career Day to 8th Graders


More than 20 adults from various careers came to Mandarin Middle School on Nov. 22 to share their expertise and experience with 8th grade students for Junior Achievement’s Career Day.

Careers including realty, entrepreneur, military, sheriff, medical, civil engineering, attorney, banking and music are some of the career paths that students could explore when they met face to face with representatives.






Assistant Principal Angela Galyan explained the 8th grade social studies credit has a career planning component–a career day is a great way to help fulfill the requirement. “A lot of kids who don’t have an idea of what they want to do [when they grow up], today I’m hearing them say they have an idea.”

Combining classroom concepts of work readiness and entrepreneurship with real-life experience is how Junior Achievement prepares students for the workplace and their futures.

“It’s a fun way of teaching the career planning,” said 8th grade U.S. history teacher Khaki Hager of the JA lessons. Hager, who regulary requests Junior Achievement for her classroom, said “The program uses hands-on activities, it’s well-researched and piloted…you know the kids are going to enjoy it.”

“When they know the JA volunteers are coming to class they get excited. “It’s a nice break from the normal routine.”


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