JA Boy$ Shines as part of JA in a Day at Christ’s Church Academy

??????????Junior Achievement received a warm welcome at Christ’s Church Academy on Dec. 13 when volunteers taught JA in a Day for the first time to the school’s kindergarten through eighth grade classes.

During “JA in a Day” volunteers teach an entire JA program to classes for the course of a school day. Normally it takes 5-7 weeks to complete a program. JA Days enhance a school’s curriculum, teaching important lessons in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship that will benefit students as they grow.

“I see it as a blessing and opportunity when we have the chance for adults from the community to come in and teach our students how to be leaders, and teach them about the outside world,” said Principal Dr. Madison Nichols.

Classes were divided by grade level, with traditional JA classes for kindergarten through third grade. Grades 5-8 were split into gender-specific JA Girl$ and JA Boy$ groups.

JA Boy$ is a new initiative of Junior Achievement of North Florida that is beginning to impact young men living in the Jacksonville region. JA Boy$ Program Manager Jonathan Bishop remarked “Every class was very engaging…they were all really into the lessons. It was great to see.”

This day there were three JA Boy$ groups, one of which consisted of 38 boys in sixth and seventh grade. Volunteer Don Roberts (pictured above) handled the large class with ease. Boys’ faces lit up when Roberts began to toss out Frisbees for contributions to lesson discussion. Roberts taught JA It’s My Future which includes preparation for the working world, exploring potential careers and basic job-hunting tools.

The benefit of having a male volunteer teach a group of boys is that “it reinforces having a male role model—it gives them a real-world role model” says Bishop. “Not everyone is going to be a professional athlete or movie star or singer. This gives them someone to look up to, someone they can aim to be like when they grow up.”

Volunteers were eager to start teaching their Junior Achievement classes.

Volunteers were eager to start teaching their Junior Achievement classes.


Erik Kasper taught ‘JA Our City’ to thrid and fourth grade boys. ‘Our City’ introduces students to the basics of financial literacy, the characteristics of cities, and how people and businesses in cities manage their money.


Fifth grade boys learned about the importance of meeting 21st century demands–such as having technological skills–in securing a job when volunteer Tom Norton taught ‘JA Our Nation.’

Please visit jajax.com to find out more about volunteering with JA.

Interested in volunteering for JA Boy$? Contact Jonathan Bishop, Program Manager at 904-398-9944 ext. 232 or email jonathan@jajax.com.


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