Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Franks

Amy Franks

Merrill Lynch Volunteer Coordinator and Classroom Volunteer

Enthusiastic is one way to describe Amy Franks, volunteer coordinator for Merrill Lynch. She has been involved with Junior Achievement for 1 ½ years and is the reason many Merrill Lynch employees sign up to teach JA classes.

Amy works hard to get volunteers together to teach “JA in a Day” and also recruits for winter and spring teaching sessions. Lately she has been assisting Steve Avera, a Director at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch who is on JA’s Board of Directors, with setting up teams for Junior Achievement’s upcoming Bowl-A-Thon.

When asked how she gets so many people involved, Amy replied, “It’s actually very easy!” Her company’s daily email to employees helps get the message across: “Ten people have already signed up this morning to an email that went out yesterday,” she said.

Repeat volunteers are another resource. “They love the gratitude you get and the reward from volunteering…I ask them to tell a friend about getting involved.”

But coordinating volunteers to teach Junior Achievement is only one side of the coin. Amy is a JA volunteer herself, most recently volunteering for “JA in a Day” at Kings Trail Elementary where she taught JA Our Community to a second grade class. “I loved it. I was so surprised at how fast my kids learned because I had to go through the material kind of quick [due to time]…They all wrote me nice letters to take home; it was really sweet.”

According to Rita Story, JA program director, Amy deserves recognition not only for her volunteer service but also for the level of enthusiasm that she brings to the program. “I am very grateful for the time and talent she contributes,” Rita said.

Amy recalled some of her past volunteers have been invited by teachers to school luncheons and kids have made books for them. “Things like that show you really do make a difference.”

Amy, third from left, with fellow Merrill Lynch colleagues during "JA in a Day" at Kings Trail Elementary.

Amy, second from right, with Merrill Lynch colleagues during “JA in a Day” at Kings Trail Elementary.

All smiles after teaching a second grade class.

All smiles after teaching a second grade class.

Do you have enthusiasm like Amy to make a difference in children’s lives? Contact Tiffany Mackey at 904-398-9944 ext. 230 or email tiffany@jajax.com to learn how you can become involved!


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