Meet JA Girl$ Volunteer: Velislava “Lilly” Mateeva

Velislava Mateeva, or “Lilly,” taught JA Girl$ aDSCN2729t Community Connections, Davis Center located in downtown Jacksonville July 7 -11.

An auditor at Deloitte, Lilly taught JA More Than Money to 10 girls in grades 4 and 5. JA More Than Money teaches girls money management skills through a hands-on board game.

Lilly’s involvement with Junior Achievement goes back to when she was a high school student in Bulgaria participating in JA Titan. Her team, BGstyle, climbed its way to number one in Bulgaria.

She also had the opportunity to be ‘Minister of Finance for a Day’ as part of a JA Job Shadow day. “I spent the day with the Finance minister of Bulgaria, Milen Veltchev,” said Lilly. “I met with the prime minister (Simeon Sakskoburgotski). Pretty cool experience!”

She came to Jacksonville in September 2013 and was looking to adapt to the city, meet inspiring people and support a worthy cause. She found Junior Achievement of North Florida. “The best way to adapt to a new city is to give some of your time to a local cause and embrace an active behavior toward the city’s issues,” Lilly said.



“I think JA’s programs for girls are valuable. These programs assign each girl a role of a decision maker and this is a good life lesson. If girls have [a] good decision-making process, they will have [an] easier life.”

When asked if she had any special moments with her JA Girl$ group, Lilly explained, “My special moment was when we [were] introduced to each other. Each one was talking about what makes her happy. I felt that I just met 10 distinctive and intriguing personalities.”


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer like Lilly or want to learn more about JA Girl$, please visit our website.

The annual Smart Women Make Change event to benefit JA Girl$ is coming October 23, featuring keynote speaker Danica Patrick, Coca-Cola Racing Family Member. Visit for more information and registration.



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