Fidelity Investments teach JA for third year in a row at Daniel Kids


Thank you Fidelity Investments volunteers for all of your work this summer!

Fidelity Investments volunteers taught Junior Achievement to kids at Daniel Kids Foundation this past June and July, a partnership that started three years ago.

Each Sunday over the course of six weeks kids at Daniel were split into JA’s gender-specific groups: female Fidelity employees taught JA Girl$ and males taught JA Boy$.

During Session Five the students were introduced to the basic aspects of job hunting when they went on a scavenger hunt. They were given clues such as “When should you bring up salary questions?” and “What’s the rule about eye contact in an interview?” in which they had to locate the answers on posters spread throughout the room.

The JA Boy$ program is just over a year old and aims to “empower males to means.” Young men are exposed to positive male role models who bring their unique perspectives to the classroom. Matt Skinner, JA Boy$ lead for Fidelity Investments, taught his group of boys about career clusters, high-growth jobs, career planning and creating a personal brand to help prepare the young men for the road ahead.

Matt Skinner, JA Boy$ volunteer, high-fives one of his students.

JA Boy$ volunteer Matt Skinner high-fives one of his students at the closing celebration.

Fidelity volunteers Angela Stephenson and Ally Harrison taught a JA Girl$ group during the summer program at Daniel. Here they share their insights on their experience:

“We taught primarily middle school grade level. The average attendance was around 6-8 girls per week.

This is our third year teaching through the JA program. We love the program and plan to continue teaching each summer.

Ally Harrison helping her students learn about letters of recommendation in the job process.

Ally Harrison helping her students learn about letters of recommendation in the job process.

In most weeks we have good participation from the majority of the group, but not all. One week in particular, we broke up into five small groups and had activities around the room. This really drove overall participation and during the debrief every girl was eager to share their experience.

Many people come from different backgrounds, but still have the opportunity to create their own future. We are hopeful that we opened their eyes to the many different ways to achieve their goals, no matter how far stretched that goal may seem.”

Volunteers Ally Harrison, Angela Aman, and Andrea Loewen before teaching their JA Girl$ group.

Volunteers Ally Harrison, Andrea Loewen, and Angela Aman before teaching their JA Girl$ group.

The six-week program concluded in a celebration on the last day, July 20. Each child received a certificate of completion and the opportunity to spend $10 of well-earned “Fidelity Bucks” at the Fidelity store set up on-site.


We look forward to Fidelity Investments’ continued support! To learn more about Junior Achievement and how you can become involved please visit


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