JA Girl$: Inspiring Young Women Since 2006


JA Girl$ began in 2006 and has since become an award-winning program, weaving itself into the North Florida community for the opportunities it affords girls and young women.

JA Girl$ is an initiative of Junior Achievement of North Florida to educate girls and young women in financial literacy. Female volunteers use JA’s age-appropriate curriculum to equip girls with financial know-how and inspire them to achieve their full potential.

JA Girl$ partners with youth organizations, linking them to trained female volunteers. The program recently partnered with PACE Center for Girls, an agency that helps at-risk teens, to bring Junior Achievement lessons to its 12 to 17 year old girls.

Like all JA volunteers, women volunteering with JA Girl$ are trained before entering the classroom. Uniquely, JA Girl$ training involves strategies for working with girls including

  • Girls need to feel safe.
  • Girls need positive female role models.
  • Relationships are central in the lives of girls.
  • Girls excel in language, auditory skills, fine motor skills and attention to detail
  • Girls need time to talk.
  • Trauma drives behavior.
  • Girls tend to have higher standards and evaluate their performance more critically.

“The strategies for working with girls are important to create fertile ground for girls to fully understand the concepts that JA teaches, which are financial literacy, workplace readiness and entrepreneurship,” said Elizabeth Paulson, JA Girl$ Program Director.

Ad JPEGThe relationship between the women who volunteer and the girls they teach goes deeper than the classroom lessons; these volunteers take on the role of mentors and role models to girls who are often in need of positive reinforcement.

On October 23, Danica Patrick will keynote the annual $mart Women Make Change event benefiting JA Girl$. Registration is open now at jajax.com. Don’t miss out!


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