The new JA Company Program – reimagined and better than ever!


JA Company Program

Junior Achievement’s longest-running program, JA Company Program®, is back for the school year with a bang! Thanks to a generous investment from The Hartford, JA Company Program is all new and updated with 13 new modular experiences to share with today’s teen entrepreneurs. The updated program is part of a blended-learning approach that offers groups of students the opportunity to understand the steps involved in launching their own businesses while learning the basics of entrepreneurship, financial literacy and business success.

The sessions include interactive content such as vodcasts led by subject matter experts that explore concepts such as brainstorming a product or service. Lessons also discuss the importance of conducting market research to refine the product or service to meet consumers’ evolving needs. Click here to see JA Company Program in action.

Jacksonville students are able to enroll in the program now, with classes beginning Fall 2014. To learn more about JA Company Program and request it at your school, please visit our website or contact Tiffany Mackey at 904-398-9944 ext.230,


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