Wi$e Money Week Day 5: JA in a Day with Fifth Third Bank Volunteers

Fifth Third Volunteers

For the final day of Wi$e Money Week, volunteers from Fifth Third Bank taught “JA in a Day” at San Jose Elementary.

Fifth Third Bank VP of Commercial Banking, Jane Badger, recently joined the Junior Achievement Board of Directors and we cannot thank her enough for her efforts in coordinating all 24 volunteers.

JA programs were taught to 692 students in grades K-5 at San Jose Elementary!

Tricia Thomas K     My favorite animal

Jim Goodfriend 1st grade

Theresa Warren 5th grade     Thomas Langer 1st grade

Matt Rinaldi 5th grade

Jane Badger 4th grade

JA Our Families     Howard Mcelfresh 1st grade

Deann McNeil 1st grade

David Mcallister 2nd grade     1st grade

Brian Evans 5th grade

To learn more about “JA in a Day” and volunteering with Junior Achievement, please visit our website.


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