EverBank volunteer talks personal finance with high school Juniors


They still have one more year of high school, but these Juniors already understand the financial challenges they’ll face once they graduate and enter the “real-world,” thanks to JA Personal Finance®.

EverBank’s  Steve Kelley recently joined the JA of North Florida Board of Directors. He experienced Junior Achievement programs first-hand when he taught JA Personal Finance at Ribault High School on May 11 and 12.

During his lesson he drove home the importance of thinking long-term and furthering one’s education, what ever that may look like. “You have to say to yourself, ‘This is going to pay off,'” Kelley told the students.

Throughout the 90-minute lesson students completed a personal finance checklist, learned about fixed costs vs. variable costs in budgeting, and explored expenses to be incurred when they eventually move out on their own.

Kelley asked the class, “What does success look like when you’re 50?” Answers included a happy marriage, children, owning their cars and home, and having zero debt.




The JA Personal Finance curriculum is one component of the semester-long JA Finance Park® Virtual, an online simulation that lets high school school students handle real-world budgeting scenarios, complete with their own life situation and avatars.

Students can graduate with confidence and an understanding of real-world budgeting challenges.

JA Personal Finance, like all other JA programs, aims to empower young people to own their economic success and succeed in a global economy.

If you are interested in volunteering with Junior Achievement, please visit our website.


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