Junior Achievement brings career fair to school with “English as a Second Language” population


Towards the end of the school year, members from the Meninak Club in Jacksonville gave advice and shared their careers with students at Southside Middle School for JA Reverse Job Shadow. Southside Middle is a Title I school with a significant ESL (English as a Second Language) population.

One Meninak Club member, Dan Wolff, shared his experience with us:

“The students I encountered were courteous and interested in learning, if only to get their forms completed.

One group of boys was particularly courteous and was comprised of one from Bosnia, one from Cuba, and the others from Central America. They all were eager to learn and had been here for one year, but only one understood English.

Several groups of girls visited my table with similar ethic compositions/language challenges. My hat’s off to their teachers who have to be loaded with patience.

Also, one teacher stopped to explain how her class had been working on “Business Plans” with each student having their own simulated business…hair salon, foodstore, clothing store, etc. Thanks for including us in your program.”

Thank you to all who participated in JA Reverse Job Shadow at Southside Middle and impacted its students!



View all the photos from this day on JA of North Florida’s Facebook page.


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