Students create cake businesses to satisfy a neighborhood want

Junior Achievement summer camp

Smiles all around as they think about what kind of cake they will offer their customers!

Students participating in Junior Achievement at Police Athletic League’s summer camp were presented with a “sweet” business opportunity.

During JA Our Families, they learned about entrepreneurship and how family members’ jobs and businesses contribute to the well-being of the family. During Session Five they discussed neighborhood businesses and learned that entrepreneurs open many new businesses in a neighborhood.

They were presented with a scenario for which creating a business would provide a solution: Many people in the neighborhood are having trouble finding birthday cakes in fun shapes for children’s parties.

The students then created their own birthday cake business to satisfy this want.

Each student named their business and drew a picture of a cake they would sell to customers. They considered questions such as, “What other baked goods could you sell at your shop?” and “Where would your business be located?”

Unleashed creativity filled the room as they began drawing and coloring their cakes, and contemplating the success of their new “business.” While coloring his rainbow funfetti cake, one student discussed with his classmate what price he should sell it for and whether to have a sale on special occasions.

After learning about entrepreneurs opening up businesses to satisfy needs or wants, these kids may be inspired to open up businesses of their own someday!

Junior Achievement summer camp

Students participated in JA Our Families at Police Athletic League’s summer camp, during which they created their own birthday cake businesses to satisfy a want.

Junior Achievement summer camp

Alton, left, and Mason, right, show off the cakes they would sell at their businesses.

To learn more about Junior Achievement’s programs and how you can become involved, please click here.


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