JA Volunteer Profile: Kelli LaClair

Junior Achievement

We Are JA is a profile series highlighting the people who make up Junior Achievement – volunteers, students, companies, donors, alumni and more. Celebrating the moments, successes and experiences of our constituents, this series reveals the people who are part of Junior Achievement’s impact in the North Florida region.

Kelli LaClair
Volunteer Coordinator for JA in a Day at St. John’s Country Day School

Kelli is in the PTL at St. John’s Country Day School and coordinated JA in a Day last school year for SJCDS grades 1-12.

Her help was invaluable in making the day a success; she helped fill 36 classrooms with parent volunteers, conducted trainings, completed JA program kit inventory and more!

Junior Achievement of North Florida JA in a Day volunteers

Kelli, second from left, with fellow parent volunteers for JA in a Day at St. Johns Country Day School.

JA: Tell us about your involvement in PTL and with Junior Achievement.
Kelli: My family was brand new to SJCDS last year. I have two boys, Trevor (7th grade) and Tanner (4th grade). So, it was my first year being involved in school activities and the PTL.

I had never heard of JA prior to this experience. I was originally interested in being a JA volunteer after I heard Mr. Ellison (SJCDS Headmaster) discuss it at a PTL meeting. I thought it sounded really fun and a great experience for students.

I am a Speech Language Pathologist and engaging children in activities that carry over into the real world is very important to me. I feel JA strives to achieve this goal as well!

Any memories you’d like to share from this day?
I had one volunteer tell me she loved the classroom and the program so much that she wanted the same group of kids next year! She was so touched that her classroom drew her pictures and thank you notes before she left.

My son, Trevor (he was in 6th grade) was impressed that the program had bits of history involved in the curriculum and that there were maps and role play used for some of the units!

My son, Tanner (3rd grade) loved the hands-on activities. He was coloring and cutting and building a city in his classroom! He loved it!

JA in a Day Volunteer

Kelli and son Tanner during her visit to his 3rd grade classroom for JA in a Day.

How do you think the JA in a Day event went overall?
I think, overall, it was a huge success! I had hesitant volunteers tell me they “couldn’t wait til next year!” at the end of the day. We received great feedback from the staff and the day went very smoothly.

SJCDS was very welcoming to all the JA volunteers. Mr. Ellison invited all volunteers to attend the daily flag raising to begin the day AND the school hosted a fantastic barbecue lunch for all the students, staff and JA volunteers! Really fun day!

JA volunteer pull quote

To learn more about JA in a Day and volunteering with Junior Achievement, visit JAjax.com.


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