What it feels like to be a JA Volunteer


Signed banners, cards, thank you notes, hugs – all tokens of appreciation from students to volunteers.

We hear from our volunteers time and time again that one of the most rewarding parts about volunteering is feeling how appreciative the students are for their time and presence.

From day one to the final session, the students begin to have just as big an impact on the volunteer as the volunteer has on the students.

First-time volunteer Zonnetta Thomas recently experienced this feeling when she taught JA Career Success at Biscayne High School. Zonnetta works as Branch Manager at the Jacksonville Branch of Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Credit Union.

After her first day in the classroom, she wrote our program manager and had this to say:

“I am in love with twelve new people I met today! The students were bright, talkative and completely tuned in.

The JA program is brilliant from what I see thus far! I am so honored to do this good work!

I can hardly wait until next Tuesday!!!!”

Zonnetta shared her parting thoughts once she wrapped up the sixth and final session of JA Career Success:

“It was so rewarding and fulfilling to be a part of JA at Biscayne High School. I am so happy to know that my students will soon lead this nation.


Their open minds, their willingness to share, their insightful conversations with me, were astounding and priceless.”



Zonnetta Thomas at Biscayne High School, discussing personal branding and job hunting tools as part of JA Career Success.

To learn more about volunteering with Junior Achievement, or to sign up to volunteer, click here.

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