JA Boy$ group visits Florida Blue campus for Job Shadow

Thirty students from Eugene Butler Middle School’s Young Men’s Leadership Academy participated in JA Job Shadow at Florida Blue on December 17.

The young men were greeted by Bob Wall, JA Board member and GuideWell Health VP.

The students toured four departments:

  • Workforce Optimization (formerly known as Workforce Management)
  • IT Command Center
  • Special Investigation Unit
  • GuideWell Studios (a fully functioning on-site film studio)

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“The students had a great time,” said Jonathan Bishop, JA Boy$ Program Manager. “In addition to the department tours, they enjoyed lunch in the company cafeteria. JA is fortunate to partner with Florida Blue and provide unique opportunities like JA Job Shadow for Jacksonville’s young men.”

To learn more about JA Job Shadow, click here.

JA Boy$ serves as a bridge between JA’s real-world programs and all-male classroom environment. For more info on this program and how to get involved, click here.

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