JA in a Day: One day of learning that lasts a lifetime

Junior Achievement’s practical education in the key areas of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness are presented in a hands-on lessons and are delivered by passionate volunteers from the business community.

JA in a Day is a unique initiative that allows volunteers to teach all of the lessons of Junior Achievement’s elementary school programs in an intensive and effective one-day effort.

JA in a Day Bank of America volunteers

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch is one company that consistently participates in JA in a Day, most recently teaching at Loretto Elementary, Beauclerc Elementary, and San Jose Elementary – click on each school to view photos.

JA in a Day Bank of America

“It is amazing what a 9 year old can learn in only one day in the JA program that will remain with him…”

amazing what a 9 yr old can learn

During the course of JA in a Day, students learn about various aspects of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, students will receive their JA certificates for completing the program.

For instance, students in the second grade learn about “Our Community” and have the chance to see how money moves through a community, creating jobs and generating tax proceeds that pay for schools, parks and streets.

JA in a Day Bank of America

In fifth grade, students study “Our Nation,” where they will begin to learn about economic concepts such as opportunity cost and supply and demand.

If your company wants to get involved with JA in a Day during the 2016-17 school year, or if you would like to bring JA in a Day to your school, contact Tiffany Mackey at 904-398-9944 ext.230, email tiffany@JAjax.com, or submit a request on our website.

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