JA Ourselves® introduces students to ‘needs and wants’ at an early age


Needs and wants, earning, saving and sharing money — all at five years old! That’s what students will learn through Junior Achievement’s JA Ourselves®.

JA Ourselves® is a series of five activities recommended for kindergarten students. Through hands-on classroom activities, the program provides students with an introduction to personal economics and the choices people make to meet their needs and wants.

The program also introduces students to the role of money in society while providing them with practical information about earning, saving, and sharing money.


For example, in Session One: This or That? Make a Choice, students practice economics by making personal choices.

In Session Two: Do I Need What I Want? They begin to understand that people have basic needs and wants — and that money-smart people know the difference between them.

ja-ourselves-program-bookJA Ourselves® integrates storybook characters to help students learn about ways to earn money, and the importance of saving and having a savings goal. They also see how they can help others in their community with the money they earn.

All JA programs are designed to support the skills and competencies identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

JA programs also correlate to state standards in social studies, English, and mathematics, and to Common Core State Standards.

Learn more about JA Ourselves®.

Learn more about JA programs in Jacksonville.

To request JA Ourselves® or another grade-level Junior Achievement program for your classroom, click here.

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