JA Students visit Microsoft Store in Jacksonville

Sandalwood High School students visited the Microsoft Store at St. Johns Town Center as part of JA Job Shadow.

They interacted with store employees, got a tour of the store and learned about Microsoft as a corporation.

Students received job advice that applies no matter what career field they choose, such as the importance of communication and team work.

Check out their experience!

Sandalwood High School seniors experience JA Job Shadow at the Microsoft Store

Twenty-one seniors from Sandalwood High School visited the Microsoft Store at St. Johns Town Center today for JA Job Shadow. Prior to their visit they completed classroom lessons about resumes, job hunting and career exploration.

Today they experienced those concepts first-hand when they interacted with Microsoft store employees, learning about the jobs and careers available at Microsoft and what it takes to successfully land a job.

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An ice breaker activity had each student name their favorite cereal, car, and ideal career. Several students expressed an interest in the technology field as a career – making their experience at the Microsoft store that much more beneficial.

The students learned about the different store positions and qualities Microsoft looks for in employees. Even if they are not interested in a career with Microsoft, the students were able to understand the importance of team work in any workplace.

For the students who were unsure about which career to pursue, the Microsoft employees inspired them to seek careers associated with what they’re interested in.

To round out their visit to the Microsoft store the students had the opportunity to demo the latest phones, tablets and Xbox games.

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