Students gain “Skills to Achieve” at Macquarie Group

Skills to Achieve copy

Lee High School students participated in JA’s “Skills to Achieve” program at Macquarie Group’s Jacksonville office.

The students learned what skills are necessary to work at Macquarie Group and succeed in the finance industry. Company volunteers taught Junior Achievement lessons that further discussed tools and skills required to earn and keep a job in high-growth career industries.

Thank you Macquarie volunteers!

-Anthony Glenn
-Gerrylyn Williams
-Kisha Shabazz
-Renaire Le Blanc
-Nasr Jeries
-Claudio Ghipsmann


Skills to Achieve brings high school students to a company location for a stimulating, interactive, and impactful one-day experience. The day begins with a host company experience and continues with corporate volunteers team teaching JA lessons on financial literacy and workforce readiness.

To learn more about JA programs in North Florida, visit

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