Citi’s JA in a Day at Waverly Academy

In partnership with our JA Girl$ program, each year Citibank women return to Waverly Academy to teach JA in a Day.



Volunteers taught the JA More Than Money program which teaches earning, spending, sharing, and saving money. Students played the Community Game to reinforce their money-management skills and to better understand the role and importance of money in their lives.


Volunteers taught JA It’s My Business! to older students, during which they discussed knowing customers’ wants and needs, launching effective marketing, and creating detailed business plans.Students began to identify the skills and knowledge needed to start a business. Putting this knowledge into practice they worked in groups to complete a blueprint for a teen club. They identified the first entrepreneurial characteristic, “Fill a Need,” by considering customer needs and brainstorming product design. They wrapped up the assignment by presenting their “Club Blueprint” to the class.

Thank you volunteers for empowering these young ladies with financial and business knowledge!

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About JA in a Day

“JA in a Day” is a unique initiative that allows volunteers to teach all of the lessons of Junior Achievement’s elementary school programs in an intensive and effective one-day effort.

During the course of JA in a Day, students will learn about various aspects of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship. At the end of the day, students will receive their JA certificates for completing the program. Click here to learn more.

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Citi volunteers impact 1,000+ students in one day!


Fifty-two Citi volunteers taught “JA in a Day” at Crown Point Elementary on May 8. They ended up impacting 1,015 students during this one-day event!

On the topic of “JA in a Day,” Principal Jayne Owens Thompson commented, “It’s such an exhilarating day! The school is covered with volunteers. There’s always excitement. The students are excited; a comment I hear over and over from students is “Best. Day. Ever!” It is just an amazing day.”

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Is your company interested in volunteering for JA in a Day? We are now registering volunteers for the 2015-16 school year. Contact us today and we can work on setting up a date and school: Tiffany Mackey,; 904-398-9944 ext.230.

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UNF Women In Business Society teach Junior Achievement lessons to Pre-K Students

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center2

Members of University of North Florida’s Women In Business Society volunteered and taught Junior Achievement curriculum to kids at the UNF Child Development Research Center on April 17.

Six WBS members taught JA Ourselves to Pre-K students for a mini “JA in a Day,” teaching two out of the five lessons from the program.

The WBS volunteers taught Session One, “Robbie’s Trip to the Farm” and Session Three, “Charlie Plants a Garden.”  Students were introduced to a storybook character and his visit to a family farm, and through a group discussion and by drawing pictures of their favorite animals, discovered that individuals make choices. In “Charlie Plants a Garden” the students learned how the storybook characters work together to plant a community garden, then followed up the activity with a visit to a real garden on-site at UNF.

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center6

WBS volunteers reading “Robbie’s Trip to the Farm” during Session One of JA Ourselves, which teaches concepts of work, earning, reward, voluntary exchange and choices.

After reading about the farm animals in the story, students drew their favorite animals.

Students drew their favorite animals after reading about the farm animals in “Robbie’s Trip to the Farm.”

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center7

Junior Achievement’s hands-on activities encourage discussion between the students and volunteers while reinforcing lesson concepts.

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center4

The Women In Business Society is a student organization based in the UNF Coggin College of Business that is dedicated to supporting women in their efforts to pursue higher levels of educational and professional achievement.

In addition to lending their time teaching Junior Achievement in the classroom, WBS members help out every year with set-up and running the check-in table at our annual Smart Women Make Change event. We value their partnership and from everyone at JA, “Thank you, Women in Business Society!”

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JA in a Day: Bank of America/Merrill Lynch @ St Clair Evans Academy

April 10, 2015 | Saint Clair Evans Academy

Nineteen Bank of America/Merrill Lynch volunteers taught Junior Achievement curriculum to students in Kindergarten through 5th grade, for a total of 388 students impacted!

TiNika Crimes 3rd_2

TiNika Crimes taught JA Our City to 3rd grade, introducing students to zoning and the importance of money to a city.

Brittany Riordan_3rd_2

JA Our City lets students build their own cities – complete with stand-up cardboard buildings they decorate and place on a giant floor map, in the correct zone.

Jessica 1st

In Junior Achievement’s 1st grade program, JA Our Families, one activity has 1st graders think about and write down what they need and want, and distinguish between the two.

Jessica 1st_3

Jessica helps a students categorize whether his video games are a need or a want.

The contents of the volunteer's program kit for JA Our Families.

The contents of a program kit for JA Our Families.

Anthony Neufville 2nd

Volunteer Anthony Neufille taught JA Our Community, Junior Achievement’s 2nd grade program.

Brittany Riordan_3rd_3

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch volunteer Brittany Riordan taught 3rd graders about the role of taxes in a city.

Patrick-Henry Agustin 4th

Patrick-Henry Agustin taught Junior Achievement’s 4th grade program, JA Our Region. He showed students how resources are combined to create goods and services.

Brandon Haye 2nd_2

Brandon Haye taught JA Our Community to Ms. Snipes’ 2nd grade class, in which students developed a sense of career awareness and learned how all jobs help a community.

Brandon Haye 2nd

During lesson two of JA Our Community, “Sweet ‘O’ Donuts”, students learn about production, goods and services when they make paper donuts in their donut shop. Brandon went the extra mile and brought real donuts for his students during the activity.

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