IberiaBank volunteer completes JA program at Hogan Spring Glen Elementary

This spring semester Tanya Guydos, Vice President of Iberiabank in Jacksonville, spent time each week teaching a kindergarten class at Hogan Spring Glen Elementary. She volunteered to teach the Junior Achievement program, JA Ourselves, and shared her experiences with JA program director Melissa Covey throughout the Spring.

February 2017

IberiaBank Volunteer

“Today we did the voting  lesson and I was able to get the Supervisor of Elections office to donate I voted stickers, I registered stickers, ballots and other items for them as well. We all “voted” on doing a beautification project for their class and their home.  I brought in all the goodies to make flowers pots.  One of our clients graciously donated all of the seeds and we had a ball.  Ok…   we did have to watch the dirt, I would have hated to call the janitor!

Thought I would share with you. Great Friday and such a wonderful group of kids!!”

April 2017


“They were so excited that I was back and look at the card they made for me for my time I had spent with them!  I about started to cry!”

May 2017

Tanya Guydos Iberia Bank Hogan Spring Glen

“Today each child received their certificates AND a nickel and a quarter (Lesson #4) to put in their banks to save!” 

About JA Ourselves®

JA Ourselves uses storybook characters in read-aloud and hands-on activities to introduce the role people play in an economy. Through engaging, volunteer-led activities, young students learn about individual choices, money, the importance of saving and giving, and the value of work. Learn more about JA Ourselves.

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Program Spotlight: JA Ourselves

JA Program Spotlight - JA Ourselves.png

JA Ourselves®


Students learn about:

  • the role of money in society,
  • and practical information about earning, saving, and sharing money.

Following participation in the program, students will be able to:

  • Practice personal economics by considering choices.
  • Explain the difference between needs and wants.
  • Understand the concept of money, particularly earning and saving.
  • Identify the importance of giving to a worthy cause.


Program Spotlight-blog-description-JA Ourselves

Session One: This or That? Make a Choice

Students practice economics by making personal choices.

Session Two: Do I Need What I Want?

Students begin to understand that people have basic needs and wants and that money-smart people know the difference between them.

Session Three: A Penny Earned

Storybook characters help students learn about ways to earn money.

Session Four: A Penny Saved

Students learn the importance of saving and having a savings goal.

Session Five: A Penny Shared

Through storybook characters, students learn about earning money to help others in their community.

JA Elementary Classroom Two 02

Bring JA Ourselves to your classroom!

At your invitation, we help arrange for business people and local community leaders to visit your classroom a few times or throughout the semester. Request JA Personal Finance for your classroom today at JAjax.com.

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Junior Achievement enriches summer camp at Seamark Ranch

Junior Achievement JA Ourselves

Kids at Seamark Ranch got to experience the fun, hands-on lessons of JA Ourselves® during their time at summer camp.

Seamark Ranch’s 468-acre campus in North Florida includes a farm that gives kids the chance to cultivate and grow their food, and reap the benefits of hard work.

Seamark Ranch used JA Ourselves during their summer camp. “The groups seemed very appreciative of the materials,” said Carleen Haney, Community Relations Coordinator, Seamark Ranch.

Session One’s story, “Robbie’s Trip to the Farm” tied in perfectly with their experience at Seamark Ranch’s farm. The story introduced a character they could all relate to; the kids saw Robbie planting vegetables, feeding the farm animals and eating what is grown.

This is Seamark Ranch’s first year using Junior Achievement as enrichment to their summer camp. Through JA Ourselves, kids learned about the economic role of individuals and the program’s hands-on activities taught them about helping, working, earning and saving money.

Junior Achievement JA Ourselves

Junior Achievement JA Ourselves

Junior Achievement JA Ourselves

To learn more about Junior Achievement’s programs in the Northeast Florida region and to become involved, please visit www.JAjax.com.

UNF Women In Business Society teach Junior Achievement lessons to Pre-K Students

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center2

Members of University of North Florida’s Women In Business Society volunteered and taught Junior Achievement curriculum to kids at the UNF Child Development Research Center on April 17.

Six WBS members taught JA Ourselves to Pre-K students for a mini “JA in a Day,” teaching two out of the five lessons from the program.

The WBS volunteers taught Session One, “Robbie’s Trip to the Farm” and Session Three, “Charlie Plants a Garden.”  Students were introduced to a storybook character and his visit to a family farm, and through a group discussion and by drawing pictures of their favorite animals, discovered that individuals make choices. In “Charlie Plants a Garden” the students learned how the storybook characters work together to plant a community garden, then followed up the activity with a visit to a real garden on-site at UNF.

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center6

WBS volunteers reading “Robbie’s Trip to the Farm” during Session One of JA Ourselves, which teaches concepts of work, earning, reward, voluntary exchange and choices.

After reading about the farm animals in the story, students drew their favorite animals.

Students drew their favorite animals after reading about the farm animals in “Robbie’s Trip to the Farm.”

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center7

Junior Achievement’s hands-on activities encourage discussion between the students and volunteers while reinforcing lesson concepts.

April 17 UNF WBS at UNF Child Dev Center4

The Women In Business Society is a student organization based in the UNF Coggin College of Business that is dedicated to supporting women in their efforts to pursue higher levels of educational and professional achievement.

In addition to lending their time teaching Junior Achievement in the classroom, WBS members help out every year with set-up and running the check-in table at our annual Smart Women Make Change event. We value their partnership and from everyone at JA, “Thank you, Women in Business Society!”

To learn more about volunteer opportunities with Junior Achievement, please visit jajax.com.